when work is a pleasure life is a joy

it's raining whole days and I really hate this weather already :/ I won't update my facebook status every few hours to tell others how this weather sucks and I won't join groups like "Iceland owes us summer", but it doesn't mean I'm ok with it :D
here are some photos from the last days... me in a fitting room :D

I didn't buy this shirt, but I guess I will come back for it, what do you think? :) I reaaally hate my inability to decide!
I loved this cardigan, but it was quite expensive for an almost ordinary black cardigan :D

jeggins! I loved them, but they were too short :( I often have this problem

in my favourite bar Krásný ztráty (Beautiful losses?? haha, that sounds pretty funny)...an ermine that was staring and smiling at me...

this was a jacket of an old man that I met in a bus :) I guess he had no idea what it says :D but anyway, how cool is to have a quote on your jacket?

so true!