sound of the ocean

I started to plan my summer holidays and it made me miss the sea so much! I just can't wait to relax on the beach and listen to the ocean.
ahhh I love my beautiful country but sometimes I hate the fact it's landlocked. but on the other hand, it makes the summer holidays and travelling to countries with seas and beaches even more special :)

these photos are from Cyprus, two years ago.
well, I usually hate how I look on photos when someone else takes them and I have no control of the camera, but these are exceptions, because they mean beautiful memories to me. I hope you can feel the atmosphere through them :)
if you like travelling and things for free, I would like to share this link with you. you can design your own luggage tags there and they should send them to your home address. I used it as a surprise for my boyfriend, I wrote there some nice words, added a photo of both of us and sent it to his address. so let's see if it works :)