I got another whale

that's how this t-shirt is called :)

the last week was crazy for me. I was shooting a prague international advertising festival which was a really great experience. the ticket for all three days cost 500 euro (!) and I could be there for free :)

plus the food we got was amazing :)

I usually look sad when I'm hungry :D

I also had to go to make some photos to the prague club karlovy lázně. it's a crazy place with an interesting mix of people (not in a good way).
it looks quite beautiful from the outside..
I like the 3D effect here :)

a fellow photographer :D

a group of german boys, they wanted me to take a photo of them

and then they took photos of each other with my camera :D


if someone of you would be interested, I have their email address :DD

yesterday czechs beat russia in ice hockey worlds final and won!!!!! the whole country is very happy now :)