my friend Olivia: part 1

this was my school assignment - shoot a film of portraits. so I spent a lovely afternoon outside making photos of my friend Olivia. she is a modern gymnast and she was a great and very flexible model :) you will see more of her in the second post, when I print the rest of the film!

she's trying to blow a nice bubble very hard :D

I had a few shots left, so I took a photo of our professor with his mum (she teaches photojournalism at our faculty, too) and Emil, their chivava dog.
 Emil joined us in the darkroom :D

I am so happy to attend class like this!
plus I am very happy that I finally found out how to change the little icon next to the url address of my blog, also called favicon. I wanted to change it since the beginning and I tried many tutorials, but I wasn't successful. until now! I found this one and finally I was able to change the ugly orange B :) if you have the same problem, it might help you too!