portrait exhibition

yesterday I went to an opening of a new exhibition in langhans gallery in prague. if you are in prague and if you like portrait photography, you should go there too! :)
these portraits are 15 years old...

same girl, different faces... excelent idea

I loved this one (it was a huge print, you could see every detail of her face)...

and here are the artists who are participating on this exhibition...

this one also teaches at my uni...interesting guy :)

this guy was interesting as well :D

can you see what is written on his cap? he's got style, I must admit ;)
art and free wine with a friend of mine (who gave me a don't-make-photos-of-me face, but whatever :D)...a perfect evening!

and then I went to my favourite restaurant with my friends, to have dinner and some more wine :)
 doesn't this plate look just awesome? :)